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All About Us

 I started the Iced Orchid as a way to share quality baked good, that not only satisfy the craving for home baked goods , but to also comfort to the soul.  The Iced Orchid specializes in custom flavored macarons, as a way to bring this French delicacy to the forefront of baked goods within the area. These desserts will provide an overall sense of wellbeing, with care and kindness baked into each batch.  Opening a package of our baked goods means being immediately greeted by a delightful smell of freshly baked treats that no one can resist. An online based bakery that feeds the community, we are committed to using the best ingredients and serving you delicious, handcrafted baked goods.

Providing signature products, you know and love, as well as unique recipes, we will make sure to always have your favorites, so place your orders and have a bite!

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